This year's volleyball season runs from October 16 to November 13. We are pleased to have 3 teams. Girls Tier 1 is coached by Ms. Simpson, Girls Tier 2 is coached by Mr. Dhaliwal, and the Boys Tier 1 team is coached by Mr. Nesci. Thank you to all of our coaches and parent drivers. Without your dedicated support, we would not be able to have volleyball teams. Here are the schedules.

Girls Tier 1 Schedule

Girls Tier 2 Schedule

Boys Tier 1 Schedule


 Critical Thinking

ASES School Goals 2016-2021

At Arthur Stevenson, we will be focusing on the following goals:

1. Each year, all students will use a variety of critical thinking strategies to explain their thinking and evaluate the thinking of others as measured by critical thinking competencies.

2. Each year, all students will use self-regulation tools and strategies to demonstrate expected behaviour in all school settings.

3. Each year, all students will use strategies to keep trying when they encounter challenging tasks as measured by student perseverance self-assessment.


Arthur Stevenson Students are Rockin' the Virtues

This year's virtues are linked the Aboriginal animals. The following are the virtues we will focus on this year:

  • Perseverance - September and October (Salmon)

  • Respect - November and December (Eagle)

  • Cooperation - January and  February (Coyote)

  • Kindness - March and April (Bear)

  • Gratitude - May and June (Hummingbird)

Arthur Stevenson News

Chapters Fundraiser
You can continue to support our school with the Chapters Fundraiser through online giftcard purchases right up until Christmas. Please click the following link to purchase a gift card  (15% of gift card sales go to the school). medium=email&utm_campaign=onboardingV1-captain-share-ptnr&utm_source=branded
Thank you for your support!

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