Kindergarten Registration

Arthur Stevenson School Goals

1. Each year, all students will use a variety of critical thinking strategies in numeracy and literacy to explain their thinking and evaluate the thinking of others as measured by critical thinking competencies.

Sub-Goal - Each year, all students will use strategies to keep trying when they encounter challenging tasks as measured by student perseverance self-assessment. 


2. Each year, all students will use self-regulation tools and strategies to demonstrate expected behaviour in all school settings.


Kindergarten Registration

COVID-19 Updates

Arthur Stevenson continues to have restricted visitor access into our building. This includes parents. Visitor access will be prioritized to those who are supporting activities that benefit student learning and well-being.


Visitors are asked to call ahead to make an appointment before entering our school. 


In order to keep our school safe for students, teachers, and staff, we have implemented additional health and safety measures. The Arthur Stevenson Communicable Disease Prevention Plan describes the safety measures we are taking.

Arthur Stevenson Communicable Disease Prevention Plan


Students are required to complete a Daily Health Check prior to coming to school each day. Find a copy of the Daily Health Check here.


A Continuity of Learning Plan has been developed to support ongoing student learning, should there be unusually high absenteeism of students and/or staff in our school. To read more about our schools Continuity of Learning Plan, click on the link below.

Arthur Stevenson Continuity of Learning Plan

Purdys Fundraiser

Purdys Chocolates Fundraiser

We are working on updating the library with new shelving and furniture. Over the past three years, we have added large bean bag cushions/chairs and new tables. Now we have started fundraising for new shelving. Please support us with this initiative by purchasing Purdys for Easter.


Orders due by Thursday, March 17.


Amended April 4, 2022: The shipment arrived early. Orders may be picked up Monday, April 4, from 2:00 - 3:30 pm outside the library doors (basketball court).


Orders may be picked up from outside the library doors (basketball court) on Monday, April 11, from 2:00 - 3:30 pm. A message will be sent out if the shipment arrives sooner.


To order, please visit:


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