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Weekly Update
by Grant Reilly - Sunday, 15 January 2017, 9:56 PM

Dear Families,

Here are some reminders and information for this week.

Our wonderful PAC is organizing a used book sale scheduled for the middle of February. The proceeds of the book sale will go directly to the school’s library to purchase new books. PAC is asking all of our parents to bring any books that are still in great condition into the school and leave them in the bin outside the gym. This would include children’s books, young adult/teen books and books that you read yourself. Any support you can give is greatly appreciated.

A reminder to parents to please not pick up and drop off your kids in our staff parking lot. There is a lot of congestion in the morning and afternoon in the staff parking lot, with both cars and kids moving in the area, and we want to provide as safe a space as we can during these times.

Here are some reminders for this upcoming week:

1. Foundation Skills Assessments begin this week for students in grades 4 and 7. All students are expected to participate in these assessments.

2. On Tuesday we will host our last Art Starts performance of the school year at 11:00 am.

3. Basketball league play begins this week. On Tuesday, our Tier 1 Boys play at Marion Schilling and our Tier 2 Boys play at home.

4. On Wednesday, our Tier 3 Boys play at home.

5. On Thursday, our Tier 1 Girls play at Westmount and our Tier 2 Girls play at Ske’lep.

6. Friday is a non-instructional day, so the school is closed for students. School staff will be learning more about the new curriculum, specifically, how to assess students’ core competencies.

Have a tremendous week, and hey, I don’t think it is going to be -34 or whatever this week, so yahoo!

Mr. Reilly