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Synrevoice Message for Monday September 22, 2014

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Synrevoice Message for Monday September 22, 2014
by Carol Robb - Monday, 22 September 2014, 6:54 PM

Hi Parents,

I will be calling at 8 pm tonight with some updates:

1. We will be starting in new divisions tomorrow. Class lists will be posted on all doors by 8 am.

While we are keen to get started please note that these are still tentative should I be informed we need to reconfigure. We have 8 spots only at Arthur Stevenson.

2. REVERSE LUNCH- the staff decided today  that we will be reversing the lunch hour. That said we will be PLAYING FIRST at 11:59- 12:30 and then coming into eat. This should allow well played out children to full enjoy their lunch rather than rushing to eat to get out to play. 12:30-12:50 will be in class time eating.

3. Today your child should have come home with 4 forms. If you are missing a white placement letter, a yellow newsletter, a blue walking permission slip or a pink school fees letter please come to the office or write a note to the teacher.

Thank you so much for a fantastic first day!

Ms. Robb