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by Carol Robb - Friday, 19 September 2014, 12:49 AM

Parents of Kindergarten Students,

Thank you so much for your patience as I waited for confirmation through the labour dispute about what our gradual entry for Kindergarten would look like upon our postponed start.

Kindergarten Parents- there are two wonderful Kindergarten teachers at our school:

Mrs. Marnie Head

Mrs. Shelley Sorenson

When the letters were sent to you about your child's entry in July- Mrs. Sorenson had not been hired- therefore, your letter may have been signed by myself as the principal. Mrs. Sorenson is actually the teacher that students will do their gradual entry with in Room 105(not me, Ms. Robb). Mrs. Head is the other teacher and she is in Room 104.

Therefore, please report to Room 104 or Room 105 as I had sent out to you.

Now....for the update.

The Kindergarten Gradual Entry schedule has been modified by the Ministry due to the labour dispute. Our district office is in agreement and has made it known to principals that we must condense the gradual entry schedule.

Important for K Parents! Kindergarten students do not attend school Monday September 22 (just like they were not going to attend on September 2)

The 20 minute meetings with the teachers that I had booked for you all- are no longer. Kindergarten teachers will book Parent Teacher Interviews Oct. 15/16 on our Early Closure days.

What parents can plan for is the small group times I had sent out to you. Those small group session times that were sent to you for Sept.5 and 8th are important times.

September 5 Group Times for attendance are when your child should come to Arthur Stevenson on Tuesday September 23

September 8 Group Times for attendance are when your child should come to Arthur Stevenson on Wednesday September 24.

On Thursday September 25 your child will begin attending full days after their two days of small group time sessions. Your child also attends Friday September 26 full days as there is no longer a Non Instructional Day.

Kindergarten teachers and I will sit down Wednesday afternoon and confirm class placements for the kindergarten students and parents can expect to see class lists outside each classroom for Thursday morning. We must ensure after meeting everyone that we have two balanced classes with composition that will work for each teacher. We hope that the changes will be minor if at all.

If you can not make your time for any reason that was on the schedule sent to you- please contact the teacher via email and they can try to fit you in with an alternate group. We know this is short notice and appreciate your patience.

Any questions, please, please, please give me a call.

We will see all the K's for their first group session on Tuesday September 23 (the September 5 schedule)


Ms. Robb