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by Carol Robb - Friday, 19 September 2014, 12:31 AM

Parents and Students!

WELCOME BACK TO THE 2014-2015 School Year!

We are all looking forward to seeing you Monday!

Parents- Monday September 22 is the first day of school! Our day starts at 10:30 and we dismiss at 12:00.

Please ensure pick up for your child is arranged.

Kindergarten students do not attend school on September 22.

Gr.1-7 students are to report to their LAST YEAR'S TEACHERS CLASSROOM.

Even if there is a new teacher in that room- please report to the ROOM where your child was for all of last year.

*for example- Miss Zelisko is in Mrs. Bartlett's room- Mrs. Bartlett retired, but all her students need to report back to this room for Monday.

There will be an assembly at 11:30 and all parents are welcome to attend. I will introduce staff changes and their grade assignments and review changes to the upcoming year that students can anticipate.

I am hoping to start children in their classes as soon as possible. Attendance on Monday September 22 is critical so that accurate numbers can be sent to the School Board Office.

Thank you so much for all your parent patience during the Labour Dispute. All staff are so excited to see your children!

Take care,

Ms. Robb