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Good News!

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Good News!
by Carol Robb - Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 1:02 PM

Hi Parents,

The BCTF and the Provincial Government have reached a tentative agreement which teachers will vote on possibly Thursday as you have heard in the media.

More information to come as soon as I know for certain and will post this information as soon as it is confirmed from Senior Administration at the School Board Office.

Kindergarten Parents- I will also be updating your gradual entry schedule as well. Kindergarten students will still do a gradual entry this has been confirmed. We will get confirmation from the Ministry on what the gradual entry of our K students will now look like since weeks of instruction have been lost.

Gr. 1-7 students will return to their last year's classroom for the first day when we get confirmation when that is.

More to come......

So excited to see everyone!


Ms. Robb