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First Day of School 2014-2015

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First Day of School 2014-2015
by Carol Robb - Saturday, 9 August 2014, 2:39 PM
Hi Parents,
I am hopeful school will begin September 2, 2014 as anticipated, but at this point it is all still a bit uncertain.
That said, please listen to the local media and synrevoices that will come to you home phone number updating you about the labour dispute.
School is expected to begin Tuesday September 2, 2014 for Gr.1-7 at Arthur Stevenson. Kindergarten parents have been mailed a separate schedule for when their child attends school in the first week. Kindergarten students do not attend September 2 as Kindergarten teachers are welcoming back the students that were in those classrooms last year.
School begins at 10:30. Doors will open at 10:20. Children are to report to last year's classroom. For example- if you had Mrs. Hawkings last year for K/1- children in that class go to her classroom for the first day of school. All NEW Students to Arthur Stevenson will report to the Library.
There will be a Welcome Back assembly at 11:30 on the first day back. Dismissal is 12:00.
Attendance on the first day is critical as it bases my ability to confirm the 2014-2015 class size limits and composition adequately. At this point, I have the classes for the upcoming school year built. My hope, as well as the teaching staff, is that we can start Wednesday in our new classrooms, but it may be Thursday depending on how Tuesday's attendance went.
I have missed everyone and look forward to seeing all the Arthur Stevenson students and teachers back! Remember to get your navy or Cobra clothing shirts ready to wear for every Friday!
Ms. Robb