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SYNREVOICE APRIL 21, 2014 5 pm

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SYNREVOICE APRIL 21, 2014 5 pm
by Carol Robb - Monday, 21 April 2014, 10:04 AM

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a nice LONG WEEKEND!

The following messages will come home to families at 5 pm April 21st:

1. Staff spent Thursday's Professional Development Day learning about the VIRTUES PROJECT. We will be adopting the 52 Virtues immediately in another effort  to shape character and further develop a positive school climate. The Virtues Project will bring out the best in children and adults. From now on you will hear staff and students talking about the VIRTUE OF THE WEEK. This week's Virtue is COMPASSION (being kind and showing forgiveness)

2. PEPPERONI SALE on WED! Send $1.25 with your child. If parents would like to pre-order 12 packs of pepperoni for April 30 we are now taking orders! $15.00 for the pack. Email  and I will ensure you get a full pack ordered.

3. SPRING COBRA CLOTHING ORDER FORMS will go home this week. Thanks to Amanda from PAC for organizing.

4. Remember to send $3 with your child to get a JEANS DAY BUTTON FOR APRIL 24th. We are in a friendly competition with David Thompson to have the most buttons and have the most kids in jeans on April 24th! We can do it for the Children's Hospital Foundation!

5. Thursday is also SCHOOL PHOTO DAY in the morning! Big smiles and jeans for all!

6. Friday is JUMP ROPE FOR HEART DAY! Please ensure your child has runners. Please send them in COBRA CLOTHING for BLUE SPIRIT DAY as well!

7. RUN CLUB is TUES and THURS at 7:45 am.

8. ARTHUR STEVENSON  was the SCHOOL WINNER for the SCRAP METAL CHALLENGE for the KIDNEY FOUNDATION! Way to go, ASES! We are giving back to the community in so many ways!

9. Happy EARTH DAY April 22!


Ms. Robb