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SynreVoice Message for Sunday March 30, 2014 5pm

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SynreVoice Message for Sunday March 30, 2014 5pm
by Carol Robb - Saturday, 29 March 2014, 9:58 PM
Hi everyone,
Ms. Robb will respectfully call your residence at 5 pm on Sunday March 30th with reminders for the upcoming week.
The following reminders will come home this week via synrevoice:
1. Where did March go? Happy Almost April!
2. The April Newsletter will come home this week. Just a reminder it is always posted to the website as well.
3. PEPPERONI FUNDRAISER in APRIL! April 2,9, 16, 23 and 30. A stick is $1.25 and all proceeds go to purchases for our school. The pepperoni team will come around to sell the Gary's Deli sticks right before snack. Children can get regular or honey garlic.
4. We are looking for a gently used single size mattress to complete our medical room make over. Mr. Styles donated the bedframe and Ms. Robb the new bedding. Please email Ms. Robb if you have a mattress
5. PURDY's ORDERS will be in Monday April 14th. You can come to the library after 2 pm to collect them~ otherwise, they will be sent home with your children.
6. SPRING RUN CLUB begins April 8th. Thanks to Mrs. Hawkings and Ms. Zelisko for coaching. Sign up is this week and permission slips will come home as well once your child goes to the sign up. RUNS are Tuesday and Thurs. am at 7:45 am sharp.
7. Monday March 31 we host RINGS AND ROCKS! Some classes will get curling lessons with Kathy Arnold!
8. The Kidney Foundation and the SCHOOL DISTRICT are doing a fundraiser called the SCRAP METAL CHALLENGE! On April 12th take all your old metal junk to D&G TIRE! Our school will get half the proceeds! See the specific ad on the school website under the site news.
9. On Tuesday, Mr. Berardi and Mrs. Bertoncini's classes go to GYMNASTICS
10. On Wednesday please send your child to school in BLUE! It is NATIONAL AUTISM AWARENESS DAY and we want to "LIGHT IT UP BLUE" to show recognition.
11. On Thursday, good luck to our students attending the Cariboo Regional Science Fair at TRU
12. On Friday April 4th, Term II Report Cards  will come home. Please sign the brown report card envelope and return it Monday. Parent teacher interviews are April 9th from 3-5 pm should you want to request an interview. Please contact your child's teacher.
13. Our Goal for this Week: "It's okay to not know, but it's not okay to not try."

Thanks everyone! Have a great week and Happy April!
Ms. Robb