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Synrevoice Message Sunday May 26 7:15 pm

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Synrevoice Message Sunday May 26 7:15 pm
by Carol Robb - Saturday, 25 May 2013, 8:17 PM

Hi Everyone,

The following messages were sent to Arthur Stevenson families on Sunday May 26th for 7:15 pm:

1.) Parents of GRADE 1 students- the BC ARRANGEMENTS SURVEY was sent out in error. It was sent our school without authorization from Dr. Sullivan from SFU.

Therefore, please parents do not complete this. If you did already could you please email Ms. Robb at or send a note with your child and advise the school that you have completed it and we will then let the SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE know.

2.) ALL DISTRICT TRACK AND FIELD permission forms are due back Monday to Mrs. Day. Parent drivers are needed and helpers for Mrs. Hawkings at the meet.

3.) TRU ATHLETES will be visiting PE classes on Tuesday to do some fun games and talk about the Summer Sport Camps.

4.) GR.7's please make sure all monies and permission forms are returned to Mr. Styles for Eagly Bay on Monday. Big trip Wed, Thurs and Friday this week!

5.) On Thursday Mr. Berardi and Mrs. Bertoncini's classes go to gymnastics at TCC. Please dress appropriately.

6.) Gr. 6's going to Bowling and DQ need to return their permission slips as soon as possible to Mrs. Day.

7.) Parents of Gr. 6 students please be advised that the last immunizations will occur June 3 and I ask that all Gr. 6's try to be in attendance so that the public health nurse and I don't have to be concerned about make ups.

Thanks everyone,

Ms. Robb