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by Carol Robb - Sunday, 20 January 2013, 1:27 PM

Hi Everyone,

Here are the highlights from my 7:30 pm Sunday night phone call for January 20, 2013

1. Internet Permission forms due by Friday Jan.25 or teachers will assume your child cannot go on the internet. This form lasts for their untire educational experience at ASES.

2.Teacher Overviews will come home explaining the Intended Learning Outcomes for this term sometime between now and March 8 when the report card goes home.

3. FSA's will be ADMINISTERED this week! Please make sure your Gr.4 and 7 student is well rested and has a great breakfast daily. We also need them ON TIME!

4. This week is UNPLUG and PLAY week. Please limit the screen time of your child as we promote literacy across the district. Play a board game, play outside or read instead of the ipod, ipad, or television.

5.COBRA CLOTHING ORDERS went home on Friday. We will be having COBRA SPIRIT DAYS every Friday and children will be encouraged to wear navy. They will also be encouraged on Assembly days to show their school pride and spirit.

6. THE ASES ART SHOW starts this week with our open house Jan.30 6:30 to 7:30. Please send a donation with your child for the Brick to Brick Foundation.

7. The ASES MID YEAR REVIEW happens this Wed. Jan. 23. Mr. Karl deBruijn, Assistant Superintendent will meet with members of PAC and SPC and Mr. Joe Small to review the school's progress. I as Principal(of two weeks) will share my vision for the future with goals I have.

8.Parents please remind your children they MUST keep their hands and feet off their friends when dealt with conflict. As principal I have dealt with a lot of discipline since my arrival, which isn't a bad thing, but kids are being held accountable. Please also remind them they are in charge of what comes out of their mouth and disrespectful language and defiance clearly not going to be tolerated either.

9. Basketball League begins this week. Permission forms must be in tomorrow. Thanks to parents for the reffing donation.

10. CHOICE DAYS- if parents can help supervise one lunch hour a week to assist with doodle club, lego club, computer lab, games room...please email and let her know what day you can supervise.

11. Remember- parents can always hang up on my synrevoice, let the answering machine get the call or check the website as I always post my updates as well for the week.

Thanks everyone,

Ms. Robb