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Synrevoice Update for Sun. Jan.13, 2013

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Synrevoice Update for Sun. Jan.13, 2013
by Carol Robb - Sunday, 13 January 2013, 10:23 AM

Hi Everyone,

Here are the highlights from my call for 5 pm today:

1. January Newsletter went home this week. It is also posted to the website.

2. INTERNET AGREEMENT forms must come back signed one for each child with parent consent for use of the internet at school. If you agree or not, the form needs to be returned to the classroom teacher.

3. Pizza with the Principal forms are due Jan.24 to the bin outside the office.

4.PAC MEETING 6:30 PM Monday Jan.14. All parents are welcome.

5. Gr.4 and 7 FSA orientation and administration of assessments begin this week. Please have your child well rested and on time for school.

6.Basketball Permission Forms are ready and will go home Mon. Jan.14. This is a 4 page package. All schedules all posted to the left hand side of the website.All forms are due back by Fri. Jan.18 to the bins outside the office.

7.ART SHOW- we are getting prepared for a fantastic display of children's creations. Remember this is a fundraiser for the BRICK TO BRICK Foundation. Our Open House is Jan.30 6:30 to 7:30.

8.Parents please remind your child that the are to be IN THEIR SEAT at 8:30 and ready for O Canada.

9.With the colder temperatures, I will watch the weather and if needed open the doors early. Students are to wait in front of the doors, and not go to class or down the hallways until the 8:20 bell.

10. Please remind your child about ROCKS- we are RESPECTFUL, have OWNERSHIP, use COOPERATION, show KINDNESS and demonstrate SAFETY.Hands and Feet to self always and children are reminded to be aware of what is coming out of their mouth with language.


Ms. Robb