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SynreVoice Message Jan.6 5:00 pm

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SynreVoice Message Jan.6 5:00 pm
by Carol Robb - Sunday, 6 January 2013, 10:20 AM

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Today at 5 pm a Synrevoice Message will come home to all families at Arthur Stevenson.

If you miss the call, I will always post the information to the SITE NEWS section of the website.

Here are the highlights from today's call:

1.) Welcome Back! Looking forward to seeing everyone at 8:30 tomorrow!

2.) Parents please remember to send indoor shoes, gymstrip and proper winter attire for your child to play outside for recess and lunch

3) Reminder that Dr. Sullivan has asked that all doors remain locked throughout the school day while children are in session. Therefore, any parents coming to our school during the day must use the doors by the office. This is done in order to increase safety for our children.

4) After a well deserved break, please remind your children returning to school that they need to play HANDS AND FEET TO SELF. They are in charge of their hands and what they touch, their feet and what they come in contact with and more importantly, their mouth and what comes out of it.

ROCKS will be our living CODE OF CONDUCT. All students need to show RESPECT, OWNERSHIP, COOPERATION, KINDNESS and SAFETY.

5) Basketball practices resume this week. Schedules will go home by the end of the week. All PARENT DRIVERS must complete a Volunteer Driver form and come see Mrs. Scharien to get their insurance and driver's license photocopied for our files.

6) A January newsletter will come home this week with lots of information for parents

7)Our Next PAC MEETING is Monday Jan.14 at 6:30 pm in the library. Hoping to see lots of new faces as all parents have a vote and are welcome to attend.

8)Synrevoice Messages will come home each week from me giving updates about events at our school. You can ignore the call and let it go answering  machine if you like. Also, I will always post the highlights to the website as well. It is a great way to keep parents informed about Arthur Stevenson.

9)There is an ASSEMBLY at 11:30 Monday Jan. 7. All parents are welcome.Children will get a chance to get to know me and hear about the expectations for behaviour and respect that I will be enforcing with the help from the staff at Arthur Stevenson.

Hope everyone had a great holiday break. I am looking forward to getting to know all your children. Please stop by the office and introduce yourselves and say hello.


Ms. Robb